Choosing Your Bridal Hair

Here at mira, we absolutely love brides. We have been honored to work with several brides and their wedding parties over the past several years. We will again be featuring some of our brides in upcoming blogs, but in the meantime, we wanted to give you some advice for picking your perfect wedding look.

When picking your bridal hair, first think about your dress and hairpiece. Is your dress modern? Classic? Glamorous? Your bridal hair should complement your dress, so identify the key words that most match what look your trying to achieve. Additionally, depending on your dress’ neckline, shape, fabric and/or special features, certain hairstyles will look better than others.

Make sure you bring a photo of your dress and any accessories to your trial with your stylist. They can advise you if there any extra considerations based on the style of the dress. This will also allow you to identify if any of your hair accessories poke or are uncomfortable. You don’t want to risk being uncomfortable during the ceremony and reception when you can simply change out the accessory.

Another thing to keep in mind is the time of year and expected weather. A mid-summer wedding can face a lot more humidity than a fall or winter wedding – especially in Northeast Ohio! During the humid summer months, you may be better off with a full updo that will keep your hair off your neck and keep it in place. For dry months, you have more options for leaving it down.

No matter what time of year, dress neckline, or wedding style, the most important thing is to be yourself. Your hairstyle has the power to define your bridal look, so make sure it complements your personality and makes you feel beautiful on your big day.

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