The Truth About Salon Products

We know what you are thinking – are professional shampoos really THAT much better than the products I can buy at the drugstore?  Aren’t they all basically just soap?  In short, YES!  Professional hair products really do have some serious benefits for your hair.

The easiest way to explain it df5b7fceaf007de9e925d3242a93dbfeis like this – all wine is made from grapes and undergoes a similar process.  But some wine is $3.99 and some wine is worth hundreds of dollars.  In the same way a wine steward can tell the subtle difference, a professional hair stylist can help you differentiate between hair products.
So what makes professional shampoo worth the price? Salon shampoo costs more because they are highly concentrated with quality ingredients They contain vitamins, oils, and minerals that are highly nourishing for your hair, yet too pricey to exist in drugstore shampoos.  As a result, drugstore brands contain fillers which can make your hair feel soft, but result in a waxy buildup.
Professional shampoos are also highly concentrated, so a little bit will go a long way for your hair. Therefore, the product lasts longer and the cost difference isn’t as great as it appears to be.
Not sure what products are best for your hair?  Ask your stylist for advice on what to use to make sure you are maximizing the benefits for your particular hair type.

Everything You Need to get Prom Ready

Untitled Design (3)You’ve got the perfect dress, perfect shoes, and the perfect date.  Now its time to make sure your hair and brows are ready to go so you can look your best on Prom night.  Here is a timeline that you can use to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

Two Months Before Prom: Book your appointments
Make sure your hair and makeup appointments are booked and ready to go.  Start looking on Pinterest and in magazines to get an idea of what hair style might suit you best so that you can give your stylist direction when she is doing your hair.
One Month Before Prom: Get serious about skincare
Cleansing your face once in the morning and once at night, followed by a good moisturizer is key to getting clear beautiful skin.  Be sure you are using products that are made for your skin type.
Two Weeks Before Prom: Get a Facial
Facials have SO many benefits for helping you look your best, including clearing up congestion, exfoliating your skin, and supplying much needed moisture.  In the day or two after getting a facial, people can experience break-outs, which is why you don’t want to schedule your facial too close to the event.
One Week Before Prom:  Brow Maintenance
Getting your brows in check before prom can drastically improve your overall look. Heading to the salon to get a good waxing in can help you get a brow shape you really want. Don’t leave your brows to yourself for prom, though. They are far too important to your look to mess up!

Skincare Tips for Winter

If your skin is feeling extra dry lately, you aren’t alone.  Cold weather, harsh wind, and dry indoor air all conspire to suck the moisture out of your skin during the winter months.  Follow these simple tips to help keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

1) Avoid hot water.  We know, hot showers and baths feel especially good when its cold out.  But prolonged exposure to hot water can strip your skin of excess oil needed to keep it moisturized.  Particularly when washing your hands and face, opt for lukewarm water to protect your skin
2) Moisturize Immediately.  Moisturize with essential oils or a moisturizer immediately after washing, while skin is still damp.  This will seal dampness into your skin, helping your skin stay healthy.  Be sure you are using the right moisturizer as well – if you aren’t sure, ask Allison next time you are in the salon for a recommendation that will work best for your skin type.
3) Humidify.  Use a humidifier in your home and office to help combat dry indoor air.  A humidifier will put moisture back into the air and help  prevent your skin from drying out.
4)  Hydrate.  Aim to drink 8-10 hydrating drinks each day (Coffee, tea and soda don’t count!).  This will hydrate your skin from the inside out.  Also, try to reach for watery foods, such as soup, fruits, and veggies and avoid crunchy, salty foods.
5) Facials.  Treat your skin to a moisturizing facial.  During a facial, your skin can get exfoliated and moisturized, creating lasting results that will help keep your skin looking fabulous all winter long.


Tips for a Successful Makeover

IMG_3483Ready to change up your look?  We are all about helping our clients make over their look and try new things.  We put together some tips to help make sure you walk out of the salon THRILLED with your hair style.

- Go online and see what you like! Pinterest (and especially our Pinterest page) is filled with trendy, awesome new hair looks.  Or identify a celebrity that has hair similar to yours in length and type and google some hair styles they have had.  Just keep in mind, a lot of photos online are altered or edited and might not be totally realistic

- When you make your appointment, make sure you tell the Monica and the front desk what you have in mind.  If we know that you are changing your look, or what you want to do with your new style/color/highlight we can make sure the appropriate amount of time is booked for your appointment so that everything can get done and your stylist isn’t rushed.

- Ask your stylist for recommendations.  If you found a photo you like, feel free to run it by your stylist when you are in the salon.  They can tell you if it’s realistic for your hair and what it will take to get there.  Some styles or color may take more than one appointment to achieve, depending on how big of a change you are making.

- Don’t forget to ask your stylist for tips on how to maintain your new style and if there is any product that will help you achieve the look on a daily basis.

Most importantly, have fun!  We love seeing people try new things and will do everything we can to make sure you walk out of the salon totally satisfied with your transformation.


Welcome Leslie!

img_7793We are beyond excited to welcome Leslie back to the mira family.  Leslie left us for sunny Florida a few years ago, but she has returned to Ohio and to her home at mira.  Leslie has extensive experience and is available starting this week for all of your manicure and pedicure needs.

As a special introduction package, Leslie is offering $5 off manicures and $10 off pedicures for the months of October/November.  Call us today to make your appointment.

Orchard Bridal Party

Last Sunday we welcomed Emily and her bridal to the salon to prepare for her wedding day.  We were thrilled to be a part of her day and had so much fun spending our morning with these awesome ladies!

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Priddy Bridal Party

Saturday we welcomed Kelsey and her bridal party to the salon.  Kelsey and her bridal party looked absolutely amazing for the big day and we are so appreciative that we got to be a part of it.

img_2268 img_2269 img_2276 img_2320 img_2319 img_2318 img_2317 img_2314 img_2310 img_2309 img_2306 img_2303 img_2302 img_2298 img_2297 img_2295 img_2294 img_2289 img_2287 img_2286 img_2282

Gottschalk Bridal Party

We were so honored to be a part of three (yes, three!) weddings over the weekend.  Our first mira bride joined us on Friday before her wedding in Tallmadge.  Troy, Danielle, and Chrissy did an amazing job working with the bride and her wedding party.  Paula, thanks so much for making us a part of your big day!

img_2208 img_2211 img_2212 img_2214 img_2218 img_2221 img_2223 img_2224 img_2228 img_2233 img_2234 img_2236 img_2237 img_2238 img_2239 img_2240 img_2242 img_2245 img_2247 img_2253 img_2256 img_2257 img_2259 img_2260 img_2261








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A Beginners Guide to Waxing

Curious about waxing options?  We have answers to all the most frequently asked questions about waxing.  Read up on waxing below, then call today to make an appointment to get started. 

How does it work? Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal option that takes hair out from the root.   Because it removes hair at the root, its more effective than shaving, which only removes hair starting at the skin’s surface.  Waxing leaves skin smooth and hair-free for a couple of weeks until the hair regrows and over time the hair can begin to grow in finer, thinner, and slower. 

What part of the body can be waxed?  Waxing can be done on almost any part of the body that needs it. Women frequently get waxed on their legs, underarms, bikini line, upper lip and eyebrows.  Chest and back are popular spots for men to get waxed. 

How long do results last for?  Every client is different – hair regrows for each person at a different rate.  In general, results last for 3-5 weeks.  As you continue to get regular waxing treatments, the length of time between waxes can increase.

How long should the hair be to wax?  Hair needs to be ¼ in to be waxed.  If the hair is longer, your esthetician can trim the hair to the desired length. 

Are there any health precautions I should keep in mind?  Certain medications can affect your skin, so make sure to be honest with your esthetician about medications you are on or allergies that you may have.   Additionally, sunburned or irritated skin should not be waxed.  If you aren’t sure, just ask your esthetician and they will be able to help you determine if you can safely wax your skin.

What do I need to do after?  While we can’t predict or guarantee who may have a reaction, most clients do not experience any reaction beyond redness and minor irritation.  However, here are some tips to help minimize irritation and breakouts:

  • Treat skin gently – avoid sun exposure, abrasives or exfoliation for 24-48 hours.
  • Wear sun screen
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and heated sources for at least 48 hours
  • Do not use exfoliating products and loofas for at least 24 hours

Have a question we missed? Allison is always more than happy to advise you on what is best for your skin.  Don’t hesitate to call or ask her a question at your next appointment.