The Truth About Salon Products

We know what you are thinking – are professional shampoos really THAT much better than the products I can buy at the drugstore?  Aren’t they all basically just soap?  In short, YES!  Professional hair products really do have some serious benefits for your hair.

The easiest way to explain it df5b7fceaf007de9e925d3242a93dbfeis like this – all wine is made from grapes and undergoes a similar process.  But some wine is $3.99 and some wine is worth hundreds of dollars.  In the same way a wine steward can tell the subtle difference, a professional hair stylist can help you differentiate between hair products.
So what makes professional shampoo worth the price? Salon shampoo costs more because they are highly concentrated with quality ingredients They contain vitamins, oils, and minerals that are highly nourishing for your hair, yet too pricey to exist in drugstore shampoos.  As a result, drugstore brands contain fillers which can make your hair feel soft, but result in a waxy buildup.
Professional shampoos are also highly concentrated, so a little bit will go a long way for your hair. Therefore, the product lasts longer and the cost difference isn’t as great as it appears to be.
Not sure what products are best for your hair?  Ask your stylist for advice on what to use to make sure you are maximizing the benefits for your particular hair type.

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