Your Guide to the Best Spray Tan

quick tanningAre you ready for a confidence-boosting tan without exposure to UV Rays?  You are only minutes away from looking and feeling amazing with our NEW sunless tanning booth.  Before you step into the booth, be sure you are ready with these tips for preparation and aftercare.

  • Prepare yourself. The morning of your appointment, use a non-oily scrub to exfoliate your skin, particularly the knees and elbows (which tend to absorb more tanner and turn dark), as well as the neck, chest, shins, and face (where the skin is thinner and streaks show up). Coat any scabs or recent scars with Vaseline.
  • Skip the lotion and makeup. While moisturizing your skin in the days following your tanning session can make it last longer, applying moisturizers and lotions can interfere with the bronzing spray absorbing into your skin. If you do wear makeup the day of your tan, remove it before entering the booth to get the most even tan on your face. Also, use deodorant sparingly.
  • Make Strategic Wardrobe Choices.  The worst thing you can do post-spray tan is put on tight-fitting clothes, which can cause the tanning pigment to transfer and leave your skin looking patchy. Instead, wear loose, flowy garments to your appointment so that you’re set up for success.  The tanning solution washes out of clothing pretty easily, but you may want to opt for dark colored underwear and clothing just in case.  Additionally, leave jewelry off until the tan has had time to set.
  • Make it last. It’s best not to let your skin get wet for eight hours post-tan. Don’t exfoliate for at least a week, shave your legs as infrequently as possible, and moisturize from head to toe after you shower.

Thats it!  You are ready to tan.  If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we would be happy to answer them for you.

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