Product Spotlight: DevaCurl

Do you want fabulous curls?  We can help!  DevaCurl is a natural hair care line that can unleash your curls – and works for a variety of hair types.  Wavy and curly hair tends to get dry, which leads to frizz.  DevaCurl is designed to moisturize your hair in a way that results in fabulous frizz-free curls.

Sound too good to be true?  Its not, we promise!  DevaCurl offers a complete line of sulfate, silicon, and paraben-free cleansers, conditioners, and styling products that deliver healthy frizz free curls.  It works in three really simple steps: cleanse, hydrate, define.

Cleanse: DevaCurl’s shampoo, No-poo, is specially designed non-lathering shampoo (lather strips your curls of moisture) that is enhanced with moisturizing benefits.

Hydrate: DevaCurl’s conditioner offers maximum moisture and conditioning benefits for your hair.  Glide it downward through the curls for best results

Define: The defining gel dissolves instantly to help moisturize and enhance your curls….resulting in beautiful bouncing curls.

It really is that easy to transform your hair from frizzy waves to bouncing curls.  Ask your mira stylist how you can get started with the curls you have always wanted!

Put Your Best Face Forward: 5 Skincare Essentials

We all want to look our best right? And having good skin is a great way to feel confident and beautiful. Here are our top 5 skincare tips to help your face look gorgeous:
1) Sunscreen – We can’t stress enough how important it is to put on SPF everyday – 365 days a year. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays that do permanent damage to your skin. Wearing sunscreen (ideally SPF 30 or higher) is the single best way to keep your skin looking youthful
2) Eat right – What you eat can have a big effect on all parts of your body. Leafy greens are loaded with antioxidants, which have major benefits for your skin. Nuts, salmon, tuna and halibut are all options that contain essential fatty acids, which can help squash inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging, and blotchiness
3) Don’t skimp on your bedtime routine – When you are tired at night and just want to go to bed, its easy to rationalize that washing your face isn’t that important. But the truth is, your skin undergoes major rejuvenation work at night. Washing and moisturizing your face not only gets rid of make-up, dirt and debris that can clog up your pores, it also allows your skin to maintain its nightly routine and keep your face looking younger and clearer.
4) Get regular facials – We could go on and on about the benefits of getting regular professional facials. Facials provide deeper cleansing and exfoliation than you can achieve at home, allowing for better penetration of products, reduced acne formation, and prevents pores from expanding and changing shape. As an added benefit, facials relax you – stress is bad for your skin, so taking a break just for you can help counteract the rest of the stress you deal with on a daily basis
5) Use the right products – Using the right products is essential for maintaining good skin. Everyone’s skin is unique and using products to work with the level of oiliness/dryness/inflammation in your skin can have a big impact. Your esthetician can council you on the best products for your individual skin.