Tips for a Successful Makeover

IMG_3483Ready to change up your look?  We are all about helping our clients make over their look and try new things.  We put together some tips to help make sure you walk out of the salon THRILLED with your hair style.

- Go online and see what you like! Pinterest (and especially our Pinterest page) is filled with trendy, awesome new hair looks.  Or identify a celebrity that has hair similar to yours in length and type and google some hair styles they have had.  Just keep in mind, a lot of photos online are altered or edited and might not be totally realistic

- When you make your appointment, make sure you tell the Monica and the front desk what you have in mind.  If we know that you are changing your look, or what you want to do with your new style/color/highlight we can make sure the appropriate amount of time is booked for your appointment so that everything can get done and your stylist isn’t rushed.

- Ask your stylist for recommendations.  If you found a photo you like, feel free to run it by your stylist when you are in the salon.  They can tell you if it’s realistic for your hair and what it will take to get there.  Some styles or color may take more than one appointment to achieve, depending on how big of a change you are making.

- Don’t forget to ask your stylist for tips on how to maintain your new style and if there is any product that will help you achieve the look on a daily basis.

Most importantly, have fun!  We love seeing people try new things and will do everything we can to make sure you walk out of the salon totally satisfied with your transformation.