Trend We Love: Pops of Color

IMG_4138Lets be honest, these days anything goes with hair color! One of our favorite trends this summer is seeing people embrace fun, funky color (pink, blue, purple!) in their hairstyles. You can add colors in a variety of ways – all over color (if you are really brave!), ombre, dipped ends, or one of our current favorites – add some peek-a-boo highlights to your hair to create a pop of color.

Adding peek-a-boo highlights will add a fun, funky pop of color to your hair without committing to having a full head of pink or purple hair. You can add any color that your heart desires to your style – and if you aren’t sure what will work, feel free to ask your stylist for some advice.

IMG_4120If you are on the more conservative side, you don’t have to go crazy with color to get this look. Peek-a-boo highlights can be done with any color. You can add some blonde highlights to your hair, or pick a contrasting color that will mesh well with your current color. Feel free to look on our pinterest board for inspiration too. You can find it here.



Pink highlight

Blue peek-a-boo highlight

Blue peek-a-boo highlight