4 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Now that winter has definitely arrived (and it arrived in a big way!), its time to start thinking about how to protect our hair from the damage winter weather can cause.  Winter brings much colder temperatures and much dryer air, which can cause hair troubles like dandruff, static, frizz and more!  Luckily, doing a few simple things for your hair can minimize the damage and help keep your bad hair days at bay.  As always, your mira stylist can give you more specific tips for the challenges your individual hair presents.

1) This tip an easy one – wear a hat!  Hats help protect your hair from the elements and have the added bonus of keeping you warm while outside in the cold.  Hats help heat your head, which can cause the dreaded “hat hair”.  To avoid that you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf before you put on your wool beanie (this has the added bonus of preventing static from the hat rubbing on your hair).  Or, if you have long hair, just twist it into a bun before pulling on your cozy, warm cap.

2) Dry your hair.  Its so easy to hit the snooze button and not dry your hair completely — especially when your bed is so warm and the world is so cold!  But, exposing the moisture in your hair to the cold can make your hair brittle and dry – leading to further damage to your tresses.

3) Deep condition.  During the winter months, its a really good idea to treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment once a week.  Winter brings lots of dryness – from the heat running at home and the cold in the air – and deep conditioning will help replenish all the moisture you are losing.  There are lots of great products that can help with this – your stylist can help you figure out what the best one for your hair might be.

During the winter months, especially, its also helpful to keep your hair washing to a minimum.  This will help prevent your hair from drying out too much. When you do wash your hair, make sure you use lukewarm – not hot – water.  Hot water will further dry out your scalp.

4) Get regular trims.  Getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks are a great way to help maintain your hair’s health during the winter months.  This helps prevent dry, splitting ends and keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Bonus tip: Invest in a humidifier.  Having the heat on can cause the air at home to become very dry.  Having a humidifier running can add must-needed moisture back into the air and your hair and skin will definitely appreciate it.

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Welcome Melissa!

Melissa HeadshotHave you noticed a new face walking around the salon?  We are beyond excited to welcome Melissa Crawford to the mira family!  Melissa is an Akron native and former Revere Minutemen. She loves music, laughing, cooking, and, most importantly, spending time with her family and friends.  And – fun fact alert! – Melissa has played tennis her whole life.  She’s also fabulous and very friendly, so make sure you say hi next time you are in the salon.

Melissa has extensive experience as a stylist and nail tech.  She specializes in fantastic color and cuts, keratin styling treatments, and nails…including some really gorgeous nail art.  You can see her work on our Pinterest page (click HERE) – or just call today for an appointment and experience it yourself!